Elmer Armstrong’s PLATTERS | Electronic Press Kit

Elmer Armstrong’s PLATTERS | Electronic Press Kit

How to Create a Killer Electronic Press Kit (EPK)
1 Write a Summary (not a book)
Keep your biography to a few sentences highlighting your big shows and accomplishments. Only mention recent events. If you had a big show earlier in your career or something like that then include that as well.

2 Include Links to Your Best Song/Video
No need to include every song you’ve ever written. Only include the very best 1-2 songs. Include the links so they can be played instantly.

3 Include What Style You Are (Genre)
Make your style prominent. This will help venues, record labels and music reviewers quickly categorize you in their mind. You should have no more than 2 genres listed. Side note: if you identify as more than 2 genres then you need to narrow your musical focus.

4 Include a Photo
Your photo should tell your story. If you’re a rap hip hop artist then you shouldn’t look like Darius Rucker singing country music. It’s obvious but most promo pictures are all wrong. Remember that your promo picture is just as important as your music. A picture is worth a 1000 words.

5 Include your Contact Information
Don’t make it hard for people to get in touch. Include social links, your email and telephone contact information. Make it easy. When you get an email or a call be nice.